PhD students of GET Lab at MIRALab

GET Lab’s PhD students Christos Kyrlitsias and Maria Christofi got the opportunity to go on an internship at MIRALab of the University of Geneva for 3 weeks (8-30th of January 2017) for the H2020-TWINNING-NOTRE ( European project of the Social Computer Research Centre, Cyprus University of Technology, that GET Lab participates.

They worked with MIRALab’s PhD students Simon Senecal and Yvain Tisserand and the exchange student Yanlong Tang, and underwent training sessions regarding MIRALab’s VICON motion capture system, their 3D scanner, laser scanner (they even got the chance to get scanned with both scanners and got 3D avatars of themselves that can be used in future applications), and blend shapes.

Christos and Maria also had to opportunity to meet MIRALab’s director, Professor Nadia Magnenat Thalmann, who has pioneered research into virtual humans and social robots over the last 30 years.

Additionally, they got to try out the Virtual Reality HMD HTC Vive and discuss with MIRALab’s researchers about future collaborations.