GET Lab PhD Student’s project accepted into prestigious Concepcion X program

We are pleased to announce that one of our Ph.D. students, Ali Najm, and his project have been accepted into the prestigious Concepcion X program. The program is dedicated to supporting innovative projects with the potential for significant social and economic impact.

Ali’s research focuses on exploring the conceptual effects of haptic sensation in extended reality environments, such as virtual and augmented reality. His goal is to develop a device and system that provide users with a new level of tactile feedback in these virtual environments, with potential applications in fields such as medicine, education, and entertainment.

The program’s first in-person meeting took place on March 28th and 29th in London. This provided Ali with the opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and receive mentorship and support from experienced professionals in the field.

Being accepted into the Concepcion X program and participating in the Bootcamp is a significant achievement for Ali, and reflects the quality and innovation of his research. The program provides funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas into successful businesses.

We are proud of Ali’s accomplishment and look forward to seeing the impact of his research in the future.