Participation at 2021 Reflect Festival

Our team at CYENS Centre of Excellence “VR for Well-Being” participated to the 2021 Reflect Festival ( that took place at 14-16 October 2021 in Limassol. Our researchers Maria Christofi, Ali Najm, and Christos Kyrlitsias demonstrated three projects developed by “VR for Well-Being” jointly with GET Lab group: FACE-UP, OTHELLO’S CASTLE and HANDS ON.

Reflect is an event that celebrates the future, highlights tech advancements, and brings forward the best of innovation while connecting the doers from Europe and the Middle East. Since 2018, Reflect has gradually become the most impactful event in Cyprus and the region. Serving as an important business, networking, and educational hub, the festival has always been welcoming to those who value curiosity, think beyond today and turn ideas into actions with lasting impact.