Participation at VR-TEACHER LTTA training

GET Lab member Christos Kyrlitsias participated at the VR-Teacher Learning, Teaching and Training Activitiy (LTTA), organized by Universidad Carlos III De Madrid (UC3M). The main objectives of the short-term joint staff training event, that took place on June 20-22 in the premises of the UC3M, situated in Madrid, Spain, was to familiarize staff with VR technology, pilot-test the VR training tool by the partnership, provide guidelines to the partners on how to implement the VR tool and provide guidelines on how the participants of the training would act as ambassadors in their countries promoting the use of VR in teacher education and motivate others to join.

VR-TEACHER is a project funded under the Erasmus+ programme that the ambition to provide effective education responses related to educators’ training via using a novel Virtual Reality based pedagogical approach for virtual practicum. The main target groups of the VRTEACHER project are pre-service student teachers, and in-service educators/teachers. GET Lab is a proud member of this consortium. Read more information about the VR-Teacher in the projects website: