GET Lab PhD Student’s project accepted into prestigious Concepcion X program

We are pleased to announce that one of our Ph.D. students, Ali Najm, and his project have been accepted into the prestigious Concepcion X program. The program is dedicated to supporting innovative projects with the potential for significant social and economic impact. Ali’s research focuses on exploring the conceptual effects of haptic sensation in extended … Read more

Our work “Virtual Touch toolkit” is featuring at BBC Radio 4

Our work is featuring this week at BBC Radio 4! At “The Anatomy of Touch” which will air on October 5th and 8th you can learn about the “Virtual Touch Toolkit” and “Hand On App”! Stay tuned! Monday, 5 Oct 2020:, 8 Oct 2020: What is the Virtual Touch Toolkit? A large-scale, academic … Read more

Cyprus Game Day II: Conference and Game Jam

Microsoft, Cyprus University of Technology and Unity Technologies are proud to announce full-day game conference and first official Game Jam in Cyprus on 9th-11th of September. You will have 48 hours to build a game that can win Best Game nomination when meet certain Game Jam criteria. Speakers from Microsoft, Unity and our partners are … Read more