New Equipment at GET Lab

New equipment was acquired by GET Lab and was checked and explored by GET Lab researchers.

It includes the wireless motion capture system XSENS MVA Awinda which will be used in Virtual Reality applications so that people immersed in a virtual world have the opportunity to have a avatar in the world and move and their movements are seen in their avatar in real time to induce to them a sense of embodiment.

Another new equipment are the VR gloves, Manus VR – Xsens Edition, so that people can move their fingers too in the virtual world and interact in objects more naturally.

Also the E4 empatica wristband, a wearable research device that offers real-time physiological data acquisition and software for in-depth analysis and visualization.

Lastly, GET Lab acquired the Virtuix Omni. The Omni’s core feature is a concave walking platform that enables a smooth, natural gait and an immersive walking and running motion.